Bucik Law Firm provides advice on all issues that affect financial industry: financial markets, financial institutions and financial trasactions. Within these, our primary focus is on banking, for the bank continues to prevail as the most important financial instititution in the European financial sector. We cover not only regulative law, but also commercial law that is relevant for the most important financial transactions.  

We provide advice on a wide range of banking law matters and securities transactions. Our clients include banks and other financial institutions as well as their customers.

Our multi-jurisdictional capacity and technical expertise enables us to provide an international and European perspective coupled with a knowledge of national legal systems.

Bucik Law Firm specialises in complex finance transactions and has extensive knowledge of acquisition finance, structured finance, capital markets, project finance, real estate finance and corporate trusts.

In addition, the practice area extends to restructuring, loans, guarantee issues and regulatory matters.

Bucik Law Firm has particular interest and extensive experience in

  • bank insolvency and
  • protecting bank depositors.

Our banking and finance experience includes:

  • Advising a Chinese trading and investment company, with a subsidiary based in the Netherlands, on setting up a subsidiary/branch of its Dutch subsidiary in Slovenia to provide local road logistics and transport services.

  • Advising and representing a German entrepreneur on setting up a construction company in Slovenia and conducting his construction business in Slovenia and Germany. The advice includes construction, corporate, commercial, employment, EU and immigration law, as well as finance and tax law issues.

  • Advising a Sino-American investor on setting up a real estate finance company in Slovenia and innovative capital markets transactions; the advice includes capital markets, corporate, tax, immigration and employment issues.

  • Acting for German heirs of a Slovenian citizen in relation to debt charges of an Austrian bank against the deceased.

  • Advising international investors with regard to shares acquisition in Slovenia and structuring a holding company. The advice includes capital markets, financial, tax and company law issues.

  • Acting for the Austrian subsidiary of an international bank in enforcement of judgments issued by Austrian courts in Slovenia in its pursuit of claims under investment contracts.

  • Providing financial due diligence for a German construction company related to a multi million real estate project financing involving several European banks.

  • Advising a Russian entrepreneur with regard to the liquidation of his company in Slovenia. The advice comprises general corporate,  financial, employment and immigration issues and considers tax implications of the winding up of the company.

  • Advising an Italian company group in a distressed acquisition of a Slovenian company. The advice includes company, insolvency, finance, real estate, contract and tax law issues.

  • Advising and representing a German construction company on setting up a company in Slovenia and carrying on its construction business in Slovenia and in Germany. The advice includes corporate and commercial law, as well as real estate, financial, tax, employment, immigration and administrative law matters.

  • Advising the US subsidiary of a German automotive group, victim of a high value financial fraud, and representing the company in civil and criminal proceedings against a Slovenian company and its director.

  • Advising a Slovenian construction company on a real estate acquisition in a bankruptcy proceeding and assisting the company in financial and mortgage negotiations with its bank.

  • Advising an Italian company group on setting up a road transport company in Slovenia and on carrying on its international transport business. Advice includes corporate, transport, commercial, finance, insurance, tax, employment and administrative issues.

  • Advising an Austrian investment company on Slovenian capital market and administrative law with regard to company's investment operations in Slovenia.

  • Acting for the depositors of the Slovenian bank Ljubljanska banka. In the case of Ljubljanska, one of the largest in the region, over 40.000 bank depositors claimed the recovery of their "old currency savings", the total amount of the claims exceeded 500 million euros. The case, ruled also by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), related not only to bank restructuring and insolvency, bank liability, depositors protection and human rights but also to the succession of the former Yugoslavia, the liability of the Republic of Slovenia and the sovereign debt of the Republic of Slovenia. 

  • Advising an international company on a high value yacht construction and purchase, including yacht finance and insurance.

  • Advising an international holding company headquartered  in Austria  on a complex acquisition of a construction company in Slovenia; the transaction involved corporate, commercial, intellectual property, real estate, finance, tax and employment issues.

  • Advising a Russian investor on business immigration to Slovenia and on establishing a bank in Slovenia.

  • Advising an investor in a dispute against one of the biggest Swiss banks and representing him in litigation before the Court of the Canton of Zürich, claiming compensation for damage caused by bank's failure in stock brokerage.


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