Bucik Law Firm advises and assists in criminal proceedings of any kind, in general criminal law as well as in white collar crime  matters. We act as criminal defence lawyers and we advise and represent victims of many different crimes.

Since the 1990s attorney Franc Bucik has acted on a number of high profile criminal defence matters. He has significant experience across the full spectrum of criminal law, including white-collar and business crime, such as fraud, finance fraud and tax fraud, corruption, bribery and money laundering.

We have experience in, and advise on, European criminal law and international criminal law issues such as the European arrest warrant and extraditions under the European Convention on Extradition.

Our criminal law experience includes:

  • Defending a German citizen, detained in Slovenia on charges of smuggling of migrants as a member of a criminal organization, in courts in Slovenia, including the Constitutional Court, and before the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

  • Advising and representing a Ukrainian entrepreneur with regard to corporate frauds committed against him in Ukraine, Panama, and Cyprus, misuse of the INTERPOL Red Notice system, and in real-estate fraud recovery actions in Ukraine.


  • Defending a Russian citizen in extradition proceedings, including provisional arrest proceedings, in Slovenia. The extradition was requested by the Russian Federation for offenses of organizing a criminal group, armed robbery, murder, attempted murder, property damage and fraud.

  • Acting for a German company, a technology leader in its segment of automotive components, in a dispute against its Slovenian technology and commercial partner. The advice related to commercial and corporate issues, including company directors' civil and criminal liability for commercial fraud, as well as to intellectual property, real estate, insolvency and litigation matters.


  • Advising the US subsidiary of a German automotive group, victim of a high value financial fraud, and representing the company in civil and criminal proceedings against a Slovenian company and its director.


  • Defending a Hungarian transport company in Slovenian courts and representing in the Constitutional Court, charged with violations of technical and safety standards in road transport.

  • Acting for an Austrian company in debt recovery proceedings in Slovenia, including in civil and criminal proceedings against the debtor's director charged with commercial fraud.

  • Defending a Slovenian citizen charged with large scale cross-European drug trafficking (over 400 kg heroin) as a member of an organized criminal group.


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