When businesses are in financial distress, considering all solutions is essential.  Bucik Law Firm counsels clients on all aspects of restructuring and insolvency/bankruptcy, whether in anticipation of them or in dealing with their consequences. From our international  platform we manage assignments from national and international restructurings and insolvencies.

We are trusted adviser to creditors, debtors and their directors, trustees, shareholders, insolvency administrators as well as distressed debt and asset buyers and investors.  

Our expertise covers advice on debt restructuring and rescheduling, equity capital raising and restructuring, distressed M&A activity, investigation, asset tracing and insolvency litigation, formal insolvency procedures and contingency planning, distressed creditor and equity investment and trading and debtor advisory work.

Bucik Law Firm has special expertise in the field of bank restructuring and insolvency and bank depositor protection.

We also have experience in related practice areas of law such as finance, corporate, tax, employment, real estate, intellectual property and litigation, including criminal law, which enables us to provide a seamless and integrated service.

Our restructuring and insolvency experience includes:

  • Advising a German metal processing company in a distressed acquisition of a Slovenian electronics manufacturer and its intellectual property.

  • Representing a Swiss-based investor in a loan recovery process against a German company, including in insolvency proceedings opened against the borrower.

  • Representing a German food manufacturer in a lawsuit brought against its Slovenian buyer regarding debt payment, as well as acting in enforcement and insolvency proceedings opened against the debtor.

  • Advising and representing a creditor with regard to a repayment claim arising from a Pilot Training Contract with the Slovenian national airline, including acting in insolvency proceedings.

  • Advising an international trading company in financial crisis with regard to potential claims by the insolvency administrator against the company and protecting the directors from personal liability and filing for bankruptcy.

  • Advising a Russian entrepreneur with regard to the liquidation of his company in Slovenia. The advice comprises general corporate,  financial, employment and immigration issues and especially considers tax implications of the winding up of the company.

  • Advising an Italian commercial and trading company in relation to a distressed construction-assets acquisition in Slovenia, providing due diligence, negotiating with the insolvency administrators and drafting the acquisition contract.

  • Acting for a German company, a technology leader in its segment of automotive components, in a dispute against its Slovenian technology and commercial partner. The advice related to commercial and corporate issues, including company directors' civil and criminal liability for commercial fraud, as well as to intellectual property, real estate, insolvency and litigation matters.


  • Advising and representing a Ukrainian felt wears manufacturer in debt recovery and insolvency proceedings against a Slovenian company and its director.

  • Advising an Italian company group in a distressed acquisition of a Slovenian company. The advice includes company, insolvency, finance, real estate, contract and tax law issues.

  • Advising and representing an Italian company in insolvency proceedings against its debtor in Slovenia.


  • Acting for the insolvency administrator of a German company in corporate and intellectual property disputes with regard to the company's trust beneficiary rights and intellectual property rights in a distressed Slovenian company.

  • Advising and representing an Italian security door manufacturer in debt recovery, commercial litigation and criminal proceedings against a Slovenian company and its director, as well as acting in insolvency proceedings against the debtor.

  • Advising a Slovenian construction company on a real estate acquisition in a bankruptcy proceeding and assisting the company in financial and mortgage negotiations with its bank.

  • Acting for a Moldova-headquartered textile group in an acquisition of an automotive textile manufacturing company, a subsidiary of an international Slovenian company in insolvency, including representing the group in the bankruptcy auction.


  • Acting for one of the leading German glass architecture manufacturers in insolvency proceedings before Slovenian courts against one of the largest Slovenian construction companies.


  • Representing the depositors of the Slovenian bank Ljubljanska banka. In the case of Ljubljanska, one of the largest in the region, over 40.000 bank depositors claimed the recovery of their "old currency savings", the total amount of the claims exceeded 500 million euros. The case, ruled also by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), related not only to bank restructuring and insolvency, bank liability, depositors protection and human rights but also to the succession of the former Yugoslavia, the liability of the Republic of Slovenia and the sovereign debt of the Republic of Slovenia. 

  • Representing the world's leading German ski bindings manufacturer in a commercial litigation case before Slovenian courts, filing for insolvency proceedings against the debtor and representing the creditor in insolvency proceedings.


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